Ingredient Spotlight: Magtein®

As the US population continues to age, there is a greater desire for supplements that can help support healthy memory and cognition.  One such novel product is Magtein®. Comprised of magnesium theronate, Magtein® has been shown to raise brain magnesium levels. Higher magnesium levels in the brain are associated with improved memory and cognitive functions.  Magnesium is an essential mineral that acts as a cofactor to over 300 enzymes involved in energy metabolism and biosynthesis. 

As a supplement, it can often be found in products that support healthy mental function. Until recently, magnesium’s use in brain function was not fully elucidated.  However, with the recent discovery of Magtein®, research is now showing that brain magnesium levels are associated with optimal neurological support.  Magtein® has been compared to other sources of magnesium; most were unable to effectively raise brain magnesium levels.

The Science behind it…

In one preliminary study, Magtein® was shown to help support short term synaptic facilitation and long term potentiation, as well as supporting healthy memory and cognition function in both young and aged animals. A human double blind placebo controlled trial has recently been started at the University of Southern California, with preliminary results expected in 6-8 months.

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