Atrium Innovations Starts $5M Metabolic Syndrome Research

Atrium InnovationsResearch is an ongoing commitment everyone in the Atrium family is proud of. In fact, it is one of our core values and the key to Growing Together In Health. Investing in research allows us to continue to lead the way in developing and providing best-in-class supplements to help address today’s top health concerns. More than product development, we are investing in advancements to health management.

Better Health through Research

Our latest and largest research program to date, a $5 million multi-year commitment in collaboration with our strategic partner INAF (Institute for Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods), involves gaining a better understanding of Metabolic Syndrome and investigating the impact of nutrition on the prevention and treatment of the Silent Inflammation associated with this condition.

With our findings, we will be able to further develop and bring to market reliable, science-based products proven to help people in their fight against Metabolic Syndrome — and ultimately improve their quality of life.

This comprehensive Metabolic Syndrome research is just one of the many projects included in our corporate research program.

Learn more about Atrium Innovations’ commitment to better health through research:


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