From Idea To Market

from idea to market

We help you develop your nutritional supplement product from start to finish, from the most preliminary stages all the way through to product development, manufacturing and shipping.

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Working every step of the way for you, with you


We meet with you to discuss your nutritional supplement ideas and to gain an understanding of your needs. This is the stage where we share our expertise on product design, marketing and manufacturing, as well as our insights into consumer trends and scientific innovation.


  • Define product: identify the ingredients, how to formulate from scratch, examine dosage requirements and dosage form
  • Determine practicality of formula: verify viability of the formulation, stability, safety, FDA compliance, cost per unit, launch strategies
  • Produce sampling/pilot sampling as needed, to conduct feasibility analysis, taste tests, stability testing, etc.


  • We provide in-house testing according to USP/AOAC methods
  • Analyzing raw materials, stability and preservative effectiveness
  • Final products tested for chemical composition and microbiological purity


  • Procure ingredients
  • Determine production schedule
  • Manufacture in accordance with the highest industry standards


  • Provide the information for the “Supplement Facts” panel of the label, ensuring that it is compliant
  • Provide assistance and guidance with regulatory compliance
  • Help you create and design the right look and packaging for your nutritional supplements at our in-house Graphics Department


  • Bottles, pack, and ship bottles, blisters, boxes, packets, pouches, droppers, sprays, liquids, powders, sachets, stick packs, etc.
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