creating a healthy community

Creating a healthy community for you, with you

We are passionate about healthy living and have made it our mission to help promote the health of our community and our industry.

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Blue Planet – reducing our footprint

We believe that innovating to help people live healthier lives also means finding viable ways to reduce our footprint. So we have embarked on our Blue Planet program, approaching the issue from several different angles:


At our Quebec facility:

  • pH levels are balanced before industrial wastewater is released into the municipal water treatment system
  • Insoluble sludge is collected and recovered by a specialized company
  • Runoff from torrential rains is controlled to help prevent flooding of nearby riverbanks


All Alcrea operations are very conscientious about paper consumption and are committed to helping preserve our forests by:

  • Reusing and recycling boxes
  • Opting for boxes made from recycled materials
  • Using sustainably managed paper for marketing communications materials
  • Using recycled shipping containers (50-60% recycled and recyclable)


At our Philadelphia and Pittsburgh facilities:

  • We use biodegradable packing material – no more Styrofoam peanuts.

In Quebec:

  • We now deal with suppliers who take back empty barrels
  • The new filtration system in our production department uses cellulose filters rather than filters made from petroleum products
  • We have replaced disposable synthetic clothing with washable uniforms in our production department


All Alcrea facilities have:

  • Completely eliminated the use of bisphenol-A plastics
  • Opted for high-density polyethylene, which is 95% recyclable


Energy efficiency is crucial on so many levels – for our bottomline and for our natural resources. And every little bit counts. We all:

  • “Flick off” our operating systems when not in use
  • Have opted for energy-efficient lighting

In Quebec, we have also installed solar panels to reduce air conditioning costs in summer and heating costs in winter

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Giving back

We also consider ourselves very lucky to be creating nutritional health products, and feel it is important to share our good fortune with our communities.

Since 1999, we have raised over
$1 million for the Cancer Caring Center, through our annual Alcrea corporate golf outing.

We support Operation Warm by purchasing new winter coats for children who struggle to stay warm.

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