New Developments

Creating breakthroughs for you, with you

Given the very nature of what we do, we are always innovating – innovating every time we develop new nutritional supplements for our clients, innovating to expand and refine our own product lines.

We are passionate about the art of innovation and science. The art of developing premium, science-based nutritional supplements that are well timed with consumer demand and trends. The art that has earned us acclaim and respect in the industry.

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  • At our Philadelphia site, for example, we recently introduced our latest Caplique" delivery system that lets you put floating pearls inside a liquid-filled transparent capsule. This 2-phase delivery system is really original, fresh, and opens up possibilities for new product ideas. Very neat, and effective too.
  • With industry-leading expertise in flavoring, our Canadian facility is making the health-supplement market more… palatable… for everyone by introducing exciting new taste-test-approved flavor combinations for today’s product trends.
  • Anyone looking for clever packaging ideas would be interested in the innovative ideas coming out of our Pittsburgh facility. For example, they have developed a smart daily supplement system with multiple daily doses as needed, to help consumers stay committed to their sometimes complex supplement regimen.
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Do you have an amazing idea we can help bring to life through the art of science and innovation? Contact us or request a free quote.