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Thoughts about Draft Guidance and NDI Notifications

Alcrea Health believes in the principles behind the Draft Guidance—namely, ensuring consumer safety. However, we question why, after 17 years, FDA has published such stringent guidelines.  We do not believe that a consumer safety crisis exists to justify such action. … Continue reading

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Ingredient Spotlight: Magtein®

As the US population continues to age, there is a greater desire for supplements that can help support healthy memory and cognition.  One such novel product is Magtein®. Comprised of magnesium theronate, Magtein® has been shown to raise brain magnesium … Continue reading

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Alcrea Health Executive Response to Multivitamin and Vitamin E Studies

Two recently published scientific articles have been picked up by the mainstream press and are being used to cast a negative light on dietary supplements. We would like to briefly explain the two studies and help to put their findings … Continue reading

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Ingredient Spotlight: Pterostilbene, Next Generation Resveratrol

We see great potential for creating custom nutritional supplements using the potent antioxidant pterostilbene, offering health benefits ranging from anti-aging, heart health, oxidative stress and memory.  Because of its better absorption and ability to last up to 7 times longer … Continue reading

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Atrium Innovations Starts $5M Metabolic Syndrome Research

Research is an ongoing commitment everyone in the Atrium family is proud of. In fact, it is one of our core values and the key to Growing Together In Health. Investing in research allows us to continue to lead the … Continue reading

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Quality Matters!

Superior products begin with superior raw materials and every raw material that enters our building is inspected and quality control approved. All materials go through a rigorous inspection to ensure they meet predetermined standards that have been set for each … Continue reading

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Things to Consider when Choosing a Contract Manufacturer (CMO)

With the growing popularity of nutritional and dietary supplements, the demand for quality manufacturers is on the rise. There are many companies producing these products so it is important that you review various aspects of each company before deciding who … Continue reading

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Creating a Superior Vitamin D Supplement with VESIsorb® & Caplique®

VESIsorb® is a nano-colloid delivery system that enhances solubility and absorption of fat-soluble vitamins, such as Vitamin D. This process helps the body better utilize supplemental nutrients for maximized benefits: Increased bioavailability of Vitamin D in liquid-filled Caplique® Reduction of … Continue reading

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